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The Owens Family: A better life with health and happiness
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KAAT Owens, better known as Kevin, Amy, Adler, & Tyler, enjoy living a healthy and happy life. Amy and Kevin began healthier choices several years ago when Amy's health was impaired by multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Now with our knowledge Adler and Tyler have been born into a family that can show them how to enjoy life the way it should be...healthy and happy.

I am very passionate about health and nature and feel this goes hand-in-hand with Shaklee's philosophy. My family and I have never felt better and it's so easy to share this feeling and passion with others. The products are superior; raw materials are tested for over 350 chemical contaminants including pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, lead, heavy metals, solvents, and harmful microbes. This goes above and beyond. Organic farmers are not even required to test their finished goods for pesticides or heavy metals. Organically grown products can have pesticides and/or heavy metals present from air, rain, or ground water. Shaklee guarantees the best raw materials and thoroughly tested formulations. I invite you to experience the Shaklee difference.